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Facebook comment from Dennis:
Shooting Hangtown today with my new Stealthy. Great product guys!

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Stealthy at Starbucks with a Sony
Sony, Starbucks & Stealthy: Starting day with NEX 6 testing with a new Stealthy accessory.

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I just wanted to let you know I got the replacement lever for my Stealthy today and I am shocked it arrived so quickly. Your response on this was fantastic! While there was nothing wrong with the previous version this new one you designed is better to work with. Kudos all around! I'm taking my Stealthy with me this weekend to Wizard Word here in Chicago plus Flashback Weekend. I plan on taking tons of pictures and the Stealthy will be with me the whole time and I couldn't be happier. I just love it so much!

Thank you again!

I love my Stealthy. I shoot Sports and other events of my children as well I also shoot most videos for all of my family and friends. The Stealthy's versatility is what got my attention and I use every mode.

This replaced my stabilizer and my 3 point shooter and the bonus it that it is also a convenient table top tripod. The tripod mode is not just useful as a tripod but it is useful because you can set it down all as one unit with the camera and device.

Monopod is lightweight and works well but it is not heavy duty.

The hip clip is incredibly convenient.

It takes a little getting used to the lever locks but after a few uses changing modes it is easy to use.

Best camera support ever purchased. Very easy to setup and use out of the box. The belt clip was also very handy. I tried on both Canon EOS SL1 DSLR and Vixia M40 video cam. Very easy to balance for use as stabilizer. I used to have the FlowPod and SteadyCam, and Stealthy is so small and compact.

The paper instructions refer you to a video on youtube for stabilizer set up which after watching made it easy to do.

I'm usually skeptical of jack-of-all-trade type tools but the Stealthy has broken the mold for me. I've used this with both my Panasonic HDC-HS900 and my AG-HMC40 and it works well with both of them. Naturally, things get a little heavy with the HMC40 since you have to add the extra weights to properly balance it but it isn't that bad. One thing I wasn't looking forward to was trying to properly balance the camera for stabilizing but it was surprisingly easy. I've been able to quickly set the Stealthy up for stabilization mode for both cameras in a short amount of time with very little fine tuning. I have a cheapy stabilizer I bought[*] that I have yet to get properly balanced so the Stealthy is a godsend!Switching between modes is quick and painless. I find myself using every mode on every shoot. Having the belt hook is just as described . . . it's much better to have a camera on the hook than on a strap around your neck. Just be careful not to walk your camera into obstacles by not remembering it's on your belt!My only negative for the Stealthy is the at a street fair and it was sheer luck that it fell onto a pocket flap of my cargo shorts and I felt it before it fell on the ground. They should have put some kind of retainer ring on it to not allow it to be able to come all of the way out.All in all, this was a great purchase. If you have a bigger camera just order the extra weights and the monopod when you order the Stealthy. It'll save you from having to wait for them to be delivered when you inevitably order them anyways.

Stealthy is very portable for shooting in rough terrain and an excellent 3 point shooter.


Stealthy is very portable for shooting in rough terrain and an excellent 3 point shooter.

ellent 3 point shooter.